13 October 2018

Hundred years are nothing. Nada.

Yes… I know. A lot can happen during a hundred years. Take a look the twentieth century with the two world wars, and the growth of computers and the Internet and the enormous leaps in biology.

And the twentieth century is not the only one with drastic changes. Major changes have been happening every century all throughout the last few thousand years. And that’s my point.

The total amount of changes is so high, that even talking to someone from the beginning of the twentieth century would be much more comfortable to us than anyone who lived five hundred or two thousand years ago.

That’s what a roman toilets look like. The did number two and socialized at the same time. Today, most people around the world prefer to poop in solace.

roman toilets

Somewhere along the time we went through a lifestyle bottleneck and decided that we don’t feel comfortable with simultaneously hanging out with people and relieving ourselves.

People back in the day were weird. Not to say people today aren’t weird, but the magnitude of weariness is a lot smaller than looking historically.

Taking time into perspective, all human beings alive today are brothers and sisters. We’re siblings, Millennials and Baby Boomers. We’re pretty much the same. We are much closer than we realize, should we only step back and see how far along we’ve come.

We ARE closer than ever, and yet, still diving ourselves and in-fighting.

The human mind is relative. We will find minor differences to fight about no matter how similar we are.

xkcd 1095

(credit XKCD 1095)

Only by looking in perspective we unite… against a common enemy.

You and I might support different football teams and get in a fight. And yet, we would unite in our love for football against Tiffany who just doesn’t get it. And we might argue with Tiffany person about whether football is a worthwhile way to spend your time, but we might unite with her against Ronald and Marcia who’d vote for the opposite party. And yet, no matter how hard we debate, we’d unite if a natural disaster occurs, and help each other.

the other day my grandma told me, “when you and him are fighting, you both need to remember that it’s you two vs. the problem, not you vs. him.” and that hit me hard

Because when the bigger enemy arrives, they take us by surprise. The show us how petty most of our quarrels are.

Would they matter a thousand years from now? Or even hundred years from now?


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